Exhibition "Health Care of Belarus - 2013"

FENOX Medical Solutions company, which belongs to FENOX Global Group, takes part in annual specialized medical exhibition “Health Care - 2013” which takes place on 26-29 of March, 2013 in Minsk, Belarus in expo center «Football arena».

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FENOX Medical Solutions is a global company in the field of innovative medical technologies, equipment and medical services; from 2006 company implements projects in the field of health care at the international level. FENOX Medical Solutions company cooperates with health care institutions, research laboratories, interacts with participants of the pharmaceutical industry and supports scientific research. The main purpose of participation in the exhibition "Health Care 2013" is the formation of a favorable platform for the foundation of a favorable basis for establishing partnership relations, exchange of experiences and opinions in the field of medical technology and methodic.

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One of the key competencies of  FENOX Medical Solutions company is design, development and implementation in  the medical industry of innovative and high-tech trends, production of equipment for medical laboratories. The company's experience in the implementation of such projects is fully implemented at the booth of the company. The exhibition displays a wide range of company’s products including novelty products: kits for hemostasis research, kits for specific proteins research with immunoturbidimetry method.

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20th Belarusian Medical Forum and Exhibition "Health Care - 2013 " is the largest medical exhibition in Belarus, the event makes a significant contribution to the introduction of new medical technologies and the improvement of the health care system. As a point of intersection of the interests of different specialists, medical exhibition "Health Care" provides wide opportunities for their direct communication, exchange of experience in the field of application of advanced methods of diagnostics, treatment, disease prevention and information about the scope of the global medicine. Participants and visitors have appreciated the benefits of the proposals of FENOX Medical Solutions, and today the company is establishing relations with distributors and clients. We invite you to visit our booth at the address: Minsk, pr-t Pobediteley, 20/2 ( "Football arena"), booth B8.